Sunday, September 30, 2012

This-is-almost-it-moment: Wedding Invitations!

I can’t believe we’re at this point already! We’ve finally sent our invitation design to the printer and will wait for the finished invites to arrive in 10 days. We’ll be sending them out to our guests soon OMG. :))

We braved the streets of Recto last Saturday to find the trusted printer who will take care of our invites. It was kind of a weird feeling because the last time I was there, I was in my ugly UST uniform with a classmate who's now my bridesmaid, looking for some cheap, used books for class. All of a sudden, I was there  searching for the people who will make my wedding invitations. Time sure flies. :))

Anyway, the fiancé’s dad recommended J-CeF Printing to us, because they were satisfied with what they provided for the fiancé’s sister who's also getting married soon.

It helps that all the stores show their names like this because they all look the same
Pile of invite samples at super cheap prices.
Ms. Tess, the one who accommodated our order.
 A very HD blurred photo of the fiance being the graphic artist.
Wall-full of invitation templates!
I’m excited and a bit edgy at the same time because in a few days we’ll be officially inviting the world to our wedding. But it also makes me feel uneasy when I think about the probable mishaps that could happen during the printing process – like what if the invites don’t come out exactly like how the fiancé designed? Hay, right now I can only cross my fingers, hoping the invites will turn out perfect!

Total cost: Php 6,125 / 150 sets (Php 41 each)
- 5x7 invitation, set of 4 pages
- combination of embossed and computerized texts
- includes ribbon belt and monogram enclosure

J-CeF Printing Press and General Merchandise
1841 CM Recto, Manila

Update: October 13 '12

We picked up the invitations this afternoon and were pretty satisfied with the result. I can't 100% rave about the outcome though, because there were some details that weren't achieved. The fiance was particular about his design so he noticed color discrepancies between the soft copy and the printout, which I luckily didn't notice. Or maybe we just set our expectations high that's why we were being so OC about it. Anyway, I think we'll just let it go. After all, I doubt if our guests would even know that there's a tiny bit of  mishap with our invites.:)

Supplier rating: I'd still give J-Cef an 8 out of 10 for 1) being able to produce exactly what we have in mind; 2) their very affordable rate; 3) their timely delivery.

Wedding Budget Recap: 3 Months To Go

Our motto.
It’s 3 months to go before the big day and it’s time for some spending review. :))

When I created this blog, I mentioned here that we’re looking at a Php 200k-wedding, catering not included.

But guess what, after checking our expenses file in excel, a brief WTF moment transpired upon realizing that we’ve already exceeded our initial budget and now have a total of Php 240k something in damages (down payments made + all remaining balance). And mind you, we’re still not done. We still have a few things to take care of, and there are some stuff that might incur unforeseen expenses like extra hours in the venue, overstaying in the hotel, additional flower setup, etc.  So good luck with that. HAHAHA.

No wonder why my soon-to-be-married friend told me their initial budget of Php 300k has been predicted to balloon into half a million. Oh God.:S Right now I’m hoping we wouldn’t hit the Php300k mark, because that would be too much for a semi-formal affair.

I’m assuming it’s the price of quality that couples need to pay for these days. I mean, I'd prefer having an intimate affair of 20 people and not spend hundreds of thousands over trying to make Php100k work to pull off a decent celebration, only to end up with the cheapest but most unreliable and unprofessional suppliers out there.

We’ve tried our best to find high quality suppliers that can provide us with the most reasonably-priced services and that’s probably the farthest we can go. At the end of the day, we'd still wanna make sure we're not settling for anything less.

So would I say we’re in the stage of regretting having ever planned this costly affair? Of course not! This is actually the best expense we have--or my fiancé has--ever spent on. What’s important is that everything still falls under what we can afford to have, without jeopardizing our future financial status. :))

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wedding Accessories: Custom-made Bridal Shoes

Being a girl with big, ugly, manly feet, finding the best pair of shoes is one of my worst nightmares. To me, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. I have a good sense of style (yes, I’m speaking for myself) and can spot the most expensive-looking shoes 50 meters away but once I try it on, my feet just won’t cooperate. Not sure if those shoes are too pretty for my feet or my feet are just too damn ugly regardless of what I’m wearing. To make things worse, I also have a feet condition called plantar fasciitis, so strolling around the mall for more than 3 hours is not my thing. I would need some fugly orthotic shoes if I want to walk normally, but since I prefer style over comfort, all my shoes are okay-looking but painful.

Because of that, I knew it was going to be hard for me to find the perfect bridal shoes. It’s hard enough to find a chic yellow pair (I’m planning to wear yellow) and it’s even made harder by the fact that I need to find shoes with good cushioning, good arch support, pointed but with wide toe box, would flatter my feet, and would match my wedding dress.

So after a few searches on, some inquiries here and there, I finally found my shoemaker --- it’s NX Couture. Good thing I stumbled upon them online. What I liked about them was that given the quality of shoes that they’ve been producing, they still don’t overprice. They have a shop in Marikina and that's where they make the shoes, so I didn't have any trust issues about the outcome. :))

 I was initially quoted Php 2,000 for my design (cloth provided by me), but was charged Php 2,500 after taking my measurement. But I still find their price competitive, considering I would probably be spending at least Php3,000 in other shoe stores. But with NX Couture, I’m going to have my own custom shoes to suit my feet’s needs.

Another great thing about having personalized shoes is that you can search for designs of high-fashion shoe designers and have them reproduced at a much cheaper price. In my case, I opted for a  pair of lovely wedges from Aruna Seth. I can't wait for my fitting!

If you’re still on the lookout for that perfect match, this shop is probably where you should be:

NX Couture
22 Brooklyn St., Immaculate Concepcion, Cubao, Quezon City

Contact person: 
ZenOperations Manager

Office hours - Mon-Sat, 10am - 5pm
Call/text/email them for appointment.

Note: Unfortunately, they don't make shoes for the groom.



Ms. Zen texted me yesterday telling me I can go to their shop for my fitting. Unfortunately though, she had to cancel the appointment this morning because she said the shoes didn't go exactly like the inspiration. She said she had to return the pair to the manufacturer and have them revise it until it looks perfectly similar to what I was going for. It's going to take 2 more weeks. Howell. But at least I know the shoes are being QA'd before  I get to see them.



I finally got the shoes a few weeks ago and this is what they look like:

Anyone interested to buy these? LOL

Unfortunately, I decided not to use it to the ceremony (still not sure if I'll wear it for the reception). It's pretty alright, but that's exactly the reason why I changed my mind--it's too pretty that it can stand on its own, even when I tried it on with the dress. The shoes just don't complement the whole look, which is sad in a way, and a bit of a waste. The dress was beautiful, the shoes were beautiful, but when I tried them on, something just felt wrong. So I had to buy a nice pair from the department store. If it's any consolation, I got them for Php700.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On Hiring On-the-day Wedding Coordinators

Being one of the many brides who do not want to entrust her wedding day to some random coordinator and risk ruining it, I didn't plan on hiring a professional wedding coordinator to help us with all the planning process. I thought I could just delegate that task to my friend who have had one or two wedding coordination gigs to back her up. But when I noticed that the whole preparation is starting to take its toll on me especially now that we’re nearing the final stages, and that I couldn't count on that friend of mine 24/7 to share my ordeals with, I realized that it’s time to look for someone who gets paid to do the job.

It’s actually nice to be in control—but I obviously can’t stay in control until the big day. And as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, as much as I want to include all my dearest friends in the process, most of the time it’s a lot easier said than done. Besides, I would still prefer hiring someone to take care of our event than to stress my friends on that one special day that they, too, should be enjoying.

So the fiancé and I finally decided on hiring an on-the-day coordinator for our wedding. CM3 Events and Music Services, initially our ceremony music supplier, also happens to provide coordination services so we also booked them for that purpose. They’ve done a handful of weddings before so we thought they’re qualified to handle our semi-formal affair. We opted not to get super pros who charge double the TF because, as the fiancé said, we’ve planned and done pretty much everything and all we needed are people who can give an extra hand, so it’s kind of pointless to splurge a good amount of money just to get the best coordinator in town.

I’m trying not to be paranoid and overthink about the what if’s during our big day; I just want to set my mind and expect the unexpected so whatever boo-boo happens, I won’t be pointing my finger at anyone. After all, it’s just a party. The worst that could happen would probably be my fiancé standing me up. LOL

CM3 Events and Music Services
Contact person: Ms. Cathy

Ceremony music package: Php 11,000 (keyboard, guitar , violin, percussion and singer)
OTD coordination rate: Php 11,000 (4-5 coordinators)

TOTAL: Php 22,000 (Tagaytay rate)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reception Venue: The Lincoln Place at Tagaytay Woodsborough

It was only yesterday when we were able to formally book our reception venue and I'm just so glad that we've  finally checked it off our to do list.

I've posted about Woodsborough Log Homes a few months ago and back then we were unsure if we were going to go for it. We initially opted to hold the reception at the vacant lots near the log homes where we'll be staying, but after all sorts of hullabaloos regarding the use of the vacant lots combined with unexpected series of events and unforeseen expenses that happened during the past 3 months, we finally settled for The Lincoln Place. There was also a communication breakdown that occurred between the future MIL and the clubhouse manager which added to the delay of the booking, but good thing I was able to intervene and iron everything out before somebody else gets the slot.

The fiance and his dad went there to do another ocular and finalize all the details. Here are some photos of the venue:

The Lincoln Place
front view
the courtyard *slash* playground *slash* parking lot
the left cabin in the background is included in the package
entrance to the dining hall from the courtyard
the main dining hall which obviously cannot room 200 people
overlooking the pool from the main dining hall
can you see the little terrace at the right?
There's a pool area included in the rent. I doubt though if our guests would be in the mood for some skinny dipping. Plus I personally hate the dolphins. :S
the place is pretty big, actually
View of the place from the streetside
The fiance was kind of hesitant about the concrete ground because we originally pictured a real backyard setting for the venue---with grass flooring and all those natural woodsy feel. We thought we'd be able to use the vacant lots that I showed in my previous Woodsborough Log Homes post for free but as it turned out, there are existing owners of the lots who don't want to lend their properties for us to party on. Oh well. But if it's any consolation, we were told by Ms. Jenny that the grass area can get  a little wet during the cold months because of the Tagaytay fog. Besides, in case it rains, at least our guests won't have to bury their feet in the mud.

Overall, the place is nice enough for a laid back lunch reception that we're going for, but since the entirety of the clubhouse doesn't seem like it can comfortably hold 200 people in one area, sadly, we might have to filter our guest list again. But we'll see.

Reception and Preparation Venue:
Promo price: Php 39,200 for the use of the whole clubhouse + 1 overnight stay at one of the log cabins (12% VAT included)
Additional log cabin: Php 9,000 for 1 night, 8 people maximum (12% VAT included)

TOTAL: Php 48,200

Additional pax for the log cabins: Php 500
Excess hours for cabin: Php 1,000/hr
Clubhouse rental 8 hours. Excess will be charged Php 2,500/hr

The Lincoln Place
Tagaytay Woodsborough, Barangay Asisan, Tagaytay City
0922 801 3931/33
Contact person: Ms. Jenny Lopez- Managing Director
To see the rates of the cabins and The Lincoln Place, click here

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Weekend Of Marriage Enlightenment: Pre-CANA Seminar by CEFAM

I just came from the last day of our Pre-CANA seminar held at the Center for Family Ministries and boy, what a weekend it has been.

We both didn't know how to feel about going into a 2-day seminar with other marrying couples and so it felt kind of weird that we're actually dealing with some serious grown-up stuff. We thought we'd only go there to fulfill our requirements for Chapel on the Hill but obviously I was wrong. We actually learned a lot of things and it currently feels like I'm more ready to get married now than I have ever been since I said "Yes". 

Ms. Susan Syquia talks about the roles of men and women in marriage
The seminar was fun in a way that it didn't have too much of those open forum, recollection-kind of an ordeal; it was pretty much an assessment of our compatibility as a couple and our preparedness to dive into a deeper level in our relationship.

Fr. Ruben Tanseco S.J., Founder and Chairman of CEFAM, discussing sensuality/sexuality/spirituality. We've been lucky to have his presence there, because we were told that he rarely talks in CANA seminars
I'm so thankful that the church required us to go into a marriage preparation seminar. And I feel so relieved that we didn't end up calling off or postponing the wedding. We took off with very certain feelings for each other and a stronger affirmation of why we're doing the right thing in choosing to marry each other.

It's been such a great day.:)

Seminar fee: Php 4,000 per couple, snacks and lunch included
Bonus: Family Planning seminar certification

Center for Family Ministries
Ateneo de Manila University Campus
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Fax :  (632) 426-4285
Telephone numbers :  (632) 426-4289 to 92

Saturday, September 15, 2012

D.I.Y: Fabric Wrist Corsage

This is the easiest project I've ever done---so easy that even a 5-year old can do this.

Presenting the fabric wrist corsage for the secondary sponsors:

the overly tedious process:

step 1: Buy some laces and ready-made fabric flowers that will go with your motif.
step 2: Pin the flower onto the lace.

Some brides make the fabric flower from scratch which would've been cooler if only I have the skills to do it. But since I don't,  a ready-made one worked just fine.

 I was able to find a really nice flower with a brooch pin so I just pinned them together like so:

You may opt to sew them together or use a glue gun but this one's a lot easier to adjust in case the flower needs some repositioning.

Voila! I'm still so happy about how pretty the flower is.
The corsage looks super huge but that's exactly how I wanted it. I think it's cute and it doesn't feel like I was wearing a wristwatch.

Project cost: Php 225

  • Lace: Php75 for 3 yards
  • Flower brooch: Php150 for 3 pieces

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Buying Fabric For Your Entourage's Dresses

Because I wanted to save up on the dresses for my bridesmaids and my own gown, I planned on buying the fabric so my entourage and I will just pay for the designer's labor (yes, I asked them to pay for their own dresses). And after weeks and months of looking around for the perfect source, here's what I learned:


Divisoria, needless to say, is the best place to buy your fabric from. The tough competition among the vendors is one of the major reasons why you can haggle to your heart's content. You can also find a lot of tailoring shops that make bridal gowns starting at Php 5,000, materials included. Just be careful though, because generally speaking, it's hard to expect the highest quality from them. Be reminded that you're not the only person who wants their cheap services---there's hundreds of people like you out there.


Don't get intimidated by Fabric Warehouse. Even though they're located inside malls, their prices are somewhat at par with those found in Divi. If you're looking for a place to buy your fabric without smelling like tinapa, this is the perfect place for you. One downside though is their stock. If they run out of the fabric that you're looking for, it's either you go to other FW branches or you head straight to number 1.


If you're not really particular about the price of the fabric, want convenience and air-condition as you shop, you can go to Carolina's Lace Shoppe. This shop basically has all the fabric that you will ever need but at a much higher price range. But honestly, I would love to source everything from them if only I'm not a cheapskate. There's just something about the shop that's so elegant. It's like if you want couture, you go to Carolina's. Not sure if it's just me though. LOL. Also, they have loads of accessories-from bags, to bib necklaces,to hats- that are for sale. And in fairness to their products, they don't look cheap for their price.


VC Trading inside Farmer's, Cubao is like a mix of Fabric Warehouse and Carolina's. They have textiles for sale, raw materials for accessories, and they do t-shirt printing. I'm not sure about their prices because I only bought DIY stuff from them, but in term's of providing you with things related to fashion, their product line's quite comprehensive.


Imagine buying a fabric for Php170/yard from one store and buying the same fabric of different color for Php100 from another. That's what happened to me at Kamuning Market. If it's your first time to buy fabric and have no idea of the prices in Divisoria, this is NOT the place for you. I still feel robbed as of this writing. I admit I'm too lazy to look around before settling on the cheapest one, but a 70-peso difference between 2 stalls doesn't sound like there's a healthy competition going in there. I wasted Php 490 for 7 yards of fabric that I could've gotten for Php 700. Sigh. I wish I wasn't too lazy. For those who are considering going there, be eager enough to canvass. That's all I have to say about this one.

I'm lucky that my bridesmaids are good friends whom I have already negotiated with long before I got engaged. :)) Providing them with just the fabric and letting them shoulder the dressmaking expenses really helped me save a lot.

Friday, September 7, 2012

DIY: Burlap Ring Pillow

Another project done. It feels like I still have so much more to do with lesser and lesser time. I thought I had 1 whole year to finish everything--turns out all the little details that would need most of my time would pile up towards the last quarter.

But at least I was able to finish another one of those little details in less than 2 hours. I woke up 6:30 am on a Saturday just to squeeze this one with my sched that's becoming more and more hectic.

Anyway, onto the project:

the infamous rustic-themed burlap wedding ring pillow
We're going to have 2 ring bearers so I made 2 pillows. I'm having second thoughts about the combination of the flower and the ribbon but I guess I'll just let it grow on me.

I used the same jute sack cloth that I used for the boutonnieres, used the extra flowers from the bouquet, bought some ribbons, jute string and pillows and this is what I came up with.

Project cost = Php 350

Project breakdown:
2 pillows from Daiso = Php 176
2 yards of ribbon = Php 8
Jute string from American Bazaar = Php 66
Jute sack cloth from Divisoria = Php100 / yard

It's kind of pricier compared to regular wedding pillows that can be bought from Divi, but I say it's pretty cheap considering custom ring pillows go from Php 450 + a piece.

So there. Pillows = CHECK. Next up, more stuff.

Off to brunch with the fiance now then meet the bridesmaids after for their fitting.

This is going to be one heck of a day.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wedding Anecdotes 101: Why You Should and Shouldn't Get Your Friend's Help

This is something that I learned from a friend, which I'm starting to realize just now:

Why you should: You get stuff for free.

Why you shouldn't: You can't boss them around, text or call them every now and then to ask things like "Hey, any updates on that stuff that I asked you to work on?" because first of all, you're not paying them; second of all, you're still their friend, not their boss.

So if you're starting to think that the wedding pressure is taking its toll on you and your friends are nowhere to be found, maybe it's time you consider adjusting your budget and look for people who get paid to do the job.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bridal Beauty Routine: Laser Teeth Whitening at Denta Prime, Makati

And here goes another round of revamping myself for the big day--- laser teeth whitening. I met with the dentist yesterday at Denta Prime Makati to avail the laser teeth whitening session that I bought from Metrodeal. In all fairness, they took care of my teeth like I didn’t pay the discounted price. And their clinic doesn't look cheap. 

I got the deal for Php1,699 instead of Php28,000 (the original price is a bit exaggerated IMO, especially since regular teeth whitening can range from 8k-15k only) for a 1-Hour laser teeth whitening session, dental exam and cleaning. 

The procedure:

1) The dentist immediately proceeded to cleaning my teeth. I'm not sure if it's the same as the dental exam but I was hoping she would document the details of my teeth, like say comments about my wisdom tooth. The cleaning was short, but I'm not sure if she was rushing or my teeth are still fine since I just had an oral prophylaxis last June.

2) Application of whitening gel (peroxide-based?) Make sure the dentist applies a mositurizer on your lips because you'll be asked to open your mouth for 30 minutes and your lips can get really dry.

3) Laser exposure to activate the gel. The lasering itself only lasted 30 minutes (in 2 15-minute sessions because it was my first time), and not full 1 hour. I initially thought the 1 hour does not include the cleaning and stuff, but apparently, it does.

the red glasses look nice

4) Gargle and I'm all set.

The effect was pretty neat but I won't post before and after pics here because it will look funny. But overall, I think I kinda look like Barbie. i keeeed. I can tell the difference because I used to have some brown areas on my crowns but they're gone now. 

- I took a pain reliever the moment I felt my teeth were more sensitive. Some dentists would advise to take NSAIDS before going to teeth whitening sessions but in my case, I learned it late.
-Stay away from colorful food (spaghetti, afritada, etc.) for at least 3-6 days. NO coffee and tea too. Use straw if you want to drink juice.
- Brush with toothpaste that contains baking soda. If you can't find one, sprinkle some baking soda on your toothpaste before brushing.
- Return after 4 months for touch-up but only if you think you have to. Touch-up sessions cost Php1,500 at Denta Prime. 

Special offer:
All Denta Prime patients get 20% off on their services. Discount applies even to patient's family members.
They also offer referral incentives; I forgot what exactly though.

Denta Prime
Suite 302 Travellers Inn Condotel Makati Avenue, Makati City
Contact Nos.: 895-7061 to 62 loc 115 or 0905-2276656

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wedding Favor Part 2: AdvoCafe

Second time we went looking for nice, cheap wedding favors but still to no avail.

How it looks inside
AdvoCafe offers a wide range of products that have been manufactured locally (by the indigenous peoples to be exact) but the prices just didn't meet our budget. =( We agreed on spending Php75 per favor for 150 guests but their products are priced at Php100 onwards. We would've wanted to source our favors from them since we highly support causes that help improve the lives of the Indigenous, but unfortunately, when I asked the person manning the cafe if they sell customized products, she said 'no'. Howell.

Anyway, here are some of their products that we thought of buying:

Calamansi concentrate -  Php 150 /500 ml bottle

Hibiscus nectar concentrate - Php 150 /500 ml bottle
Guava jelly - Php100 / 200ml bottle ; Pure honey - Php175 / 350ml bottle

Rice coffee and Sambong tea - Php100/pack
Pinaig na mais - don't know how much
Cordillera coffee - Php 250/bag
These products are mainly from Tugdaan. Other products offered by their indigenous partners include pineapple jam, herbal jelly, ginger tea, coco jam, virgin coconut oil, massage oil, laundry soaps, rattan baskets, beaded accessories, etc. Some are actually a lot pricier than those sold in the malls, but to think that 100% of the net income of the store goes to help the Mangyans and send indigenous children to school, I don't think it's that pricey at all.

I tried to contact Tugdaan but didn't get a reply. I'm hoping they could give customized products or special discounts for bulk orders.


Ground Floor, Ramon Magsaysay Commercial Complex
Dr. F. Quintos Street
Malate, Metro Manila
Telephone: +632 708-2366

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bridal Beauty Routine: Co2 Fractional Laser

Just because I'm a scrimping bride, it doesn't mean I would let my looks fall short. And like any bride-to-be, I need to have my own beauty regimen to look nothing but gorgeous on my wedding day.LOL So yesterday I went to D' Spa and Skin Clinic Center for my fractional laser session.

But first, how can a broke bride like me avail a fifteen-thousand-peso treatment without threatening my future financial standing? Simple: Check out group-buying sites. The deals here should be taken advantage of, especially by brides who have several months to a year to prepare. 

I bought one session of Co2 Fractional Laser for Php1,999 instead of Php15,000 (that's what the voucher says) and set an appointment with the clinic yesterday. 

The procedure:

1) They cleaned my face, applied a topical numbing cream and waited for 45 minutes.

This numbing cream should've been left on my face for 3 hours!

2) The doctor proceeded to lasering, which hurt really bad it felt like my face was being skinned alive. Not sure if I'm being OA but it really hurt. I don't meant to scare people off, but to me it's more than just a simple burning sensation. What more if I didn't have the numbing cream on? It only lasted a few minutes, which was a relief because I couldn't take the pain anymore.

3) They applied a cold mask which costed an additional Php200, and let it sit for 10 minutes on my face (yep, Php200 gone in 10 minutes).
pink cold mask (pardon this ugly shot)

4) I bought their recommended sunscreen (Php600) and moisturizer (Php1,000) for aftercare. 

moisturizer, sunblock, zinc oxide cream

Review about the treatment:
- My face is currently red and swollen, but I could tell that some pores have already reduced. I personally don't like the downtime, but 5-7 days is better than other procedures that would need several weeks to heal.

- There are spots that weren't lasered but I'm not sure if the doctor deliberately skipped it or she just missed it. :S

- The facial cream that was given to me was really effective in relieving the tingling feeling

- I wish the doctor was clearer on how I should take care of my face once I get out of the clinic. She didn't give me any form of aftercare routine. I wasn't even able to know how I was supposed to wash my face when I get home.

Anyway, I'll wait for a few days and see if anything happens. I'm expecting some peeling to even out my face and lighten some pimple marks, and maybe some reduction in my pore size. But since this is only 1 time, I won't get my hopes too high. Let's see. 

Research first before availing the treatment. Expect the clinic staff (and even the doctor) to talk their way to for you to make unnecessary purchases (injectable glutathione, 10 sessions of diamond peel, etc.). In my case, they tried to convince me to buy at least 3 more sessions because as they said, 'the effects would be more visible after 4-6' sessions. I just refused because I've read somewhere that 1 session would be enough to see a difference, and the required number of sessions would depend on the condition of the skin. I have some pimple scarring and large pores, but it's not like I sleep on a bed of durian or something. Besides, I don't have the money to buy additional sessions right then and there so I should keep expenses at a minimum as much as possible.

Total cost: voucher + aftercare products = Php 3,799

D' Skin Center and Spa
Main Branch: 
48 ShortHorn Street,Brgy Toro,Proj 8.QC 
Tel: 02 4530739
Mobile: 09182780495

Update: Sept 4, 2012
Today is the 3rd day since I had the session. My right cheek has peeled already though there are still some areas that are drying up.

My routine this morning: I washed my face with a regular soap, applied the recommended moisturizer, waited a few minutes, applied the sunblock, then the primer, then the liquid foundation to conceal the red patches. My face is dry and flaking, but looks acceptable. I'm happy that it didn't go as brown as I imagined it to be. The pores have tightened a bit, but the red acne marks are still visible. They lightened a bit though, and turned smaller (I think). I'll see what happens after the peeling is complete.