Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reception Venue: The Lincoln Place at Tagaytay Woodsborough

It was only yesterday when we were able to formally book our reception venue and I'm just so glad that we've  finally checked it off our to do list.

I've posted about Woodsborough Log Homes a few months ago and back then we were unsure if we were going to go for it. We initially opted to hold the reception at the vacant lots near the log homes where we'll be staying, but after all sorts of hullabaloos regarding the use of the vacant lots combined with unexpected series of events and unforeseen expenses that happened during the past 3 months, we finally settled for The Lincoln Place. There was also a communication breakdown that occurred between the future MIL and the clubhouse manager which added to the delay of the booking, but good thing I was able to intervene and iron everything out before somebody else gets the slot.

The fiance and his dad went there to do another ocular and finalize all the details. Here are some photos of the venue:

The Lincoln Place
front view
the courtyard *slash* playground *slash* parking lot
the left cabin in the background is included in the package
entrance to the dining hall from the courtyard
the main dining hall which obviously cannot room 200 people
overlooking the pool from the main dining hall
can you see the little terrace at the right?
There's a pool area included in the rent. I doubt though if our guests would be in the mood for some skinny dipping. Plus I personally hate the dolphins. :S
the place is pretty big, actually
View of the place from the streetside
The fiance was kind of hesitant about the concrete ground because we originally pictured a real backyard setting for the venue---with grass flooring and all those natural woodsy feel. We thought we'd be able to use the vacant lots that I showed in my previous Woodsborough Log Homes post for free but as it turned out, there are existing owners of the lots who don't want to lend their properties for us to party on. Oh well. But if it's any consolation, we were told by Ms. Jenny that the grass area can get  a little wet during the cold months because of the Tagaytay fog. Besides, in case it rains, at least our guests won't have to bury their feet in the mud.

Overall, the place is nice enough for a laid back lunch reception that we're going for, but since the entirety of the clubhouse doesn't seem like it can comfortably hold 200 people in one area, sadly, we might have to filter our guest list again. But we'll see.

Reception and Preparation Venue:
Promo price: Php 39,200 for the use of the whole clubhouse + 1 overnight stay at one of the log cabins (12% VAT included)
Additional log cabin: Php 9,000 for 1 night, 8 people maximum (12% VAT included)

TOTAL: Php 48,200

Additional pax for the log cabins: Php 500
Excess hours for cabin: Php 1,000/hr
Clubhouse rental 8 hours. Excess will be charged Php 2,500/hr

The Lincoln Place
Tagaytay Woodsborough, Barangay Asisan, Tagaytay City
0922 801 3931/33
Contact person: Ms. Jenny Lopez- Managing Director
To see the rates of the cabins and The Lincoln Place, click here


  1. It still looks rustic, so no worries there! :)

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