Monday, January 6, 2014

20 Things I Learned On Our First Year

Wow, time sure flies. It's been one year since we got married! A lot of married people told me to expect the first year to be a little rough, but fortunately for us, it wasn't at all that hard.

The (photo) paper anniversary gift. 

We've had our fair share of ups and downs, but I bet anyone who would have to adjust to having a new 'other half' would experience the same thing. There's always something new to learn, and to me, here are some of those things:

1.       You don’t really need a TV set; Wi-fi will do.
2.       Gas is always cheaper a few meters down the road and you’d realize that after you’ve just had a full tank.
3.       You’ll try your best to cut down your utility bills, but you won’t mind shelling out Php150 for a cup of coffee.
4.       You can still go to sleepovers with your friends if you choose to, but technically, you’re not supposed to.
5.       You don't have to have the same diet; you don’t have to eat rice just because the other one does.
6.       You’ve lost count how many times you’ve put the toilet seat down
7.       It's okay to remind your husband when the bills are due when you don’t have a job
8.       Php 300.00 can get you a solo meal when you dine out, and food for 5 people when you cook at home
9.       You can expect to get sick when the other one is
10.   You should be able to drive when the situation calls for it
11.   The idea of having a baby is as daunting and overwhelming as the idea of getting married when you’re not that ready
12.   You don’t necessarily lose your freedom; you just have to be more considerate of the other person
13.   You’d realize that printing your photos out is as important as taking them after your 32GB memory card decides to die on you
14.   You shouldn’t be bossy when it comes to doing the chores. If you want something done your way, do it yourself.
15.   You can’t be mad at the other person for not being like you; compromise.
16.   You need to accept  and appreciate the fact that there’s always one thing the other person can do better. But you know it’s not fair when you’re the domesticated one.
17.   You should settle any argument and always let the other person know if you have issues so you can peacefully move on. You wouldn’t want to dwell on the same issue for the rest of your life.
18.   You won’t necessarily hold hands, hug, and kiss each other 24/7 even if you live together. And yes, you can spend an entire day without even talking.
19.   You’re still two individuals even if you’re supposed to be “one”. Spending time outside the relationship is necessary once in a while.

20.   You should never take your partner’s presence for granted. Stop Facebook-ing or Instagram-ing when you’re dining together. 

Obligatory post-wedding anniversary dinner date photo :)

I'm pretty sure a lot will be added on to this list. It's only been one year. I'm hoping the coming years will be better.

How about you, what's the most important thing you've learned about the married life so far?:)