About The Scrimpy Bride

Hello, I'm Geli!

I'll be walking down the aisle in a few months and this is how I document our wedding plans.

I'm not the Disney princess kind of bride so you won't be seeing posts that would make your tear  glands sweat---I'm just a regular, very opinionated, broke-ass girl who happens to be getting married to a broke-ass guy.:)

I believe that everything has to be perfect on that one special day. And by "perfect" I mean, nothing still beats getting the best suppliers at the most reasonable prices.

I'm not an advocate of frugality; I'm just here to share how we manage our resources.

Welcome and have a nice day.:)


  1. most helpful wedding blog i've seen so far. if only i can match your kasipagan. but thanks for this!

  2. I agree. ♥ I also love your veil, girl. I'm planning to make my own birdcage veil though, any advice?