Sunday, September 30, 2012

This-is-almost-it-moment: Wedding Invitations!

I can’t believe we’re at this point already! We’ve finally sent our invitation design to the printer and will wait for the finished invites to arrive in 10 days. We’ll be sending them out to our guests soon OMG. :))

We braved the streets of Recto last Saturday to find the trusted printer who will take care of our invites. It was kind of a weird feeling because the last time I was there, I was in my ugly UST uniform with a classmate who's now my bridesmaid, looking for some cheap, used books for class. All of a sudden, I was there  searching for the people who will make my wedding invitations. Time sure flies. :))

Anyway, the fiancé’s dad recommended J-CeF Printing to us, because they were satisfied with what they provided for the fiancé’s sister who's also getting married soon.

It helps that all the stores show their names like this because they all look the same
Pile of invite samples at super cheap prices.
Ms. Tess, the one who accommodated our order.
 A very HD blurred photo of the fiance being the graphic artist.
Wall-full of invitation templates!
I’m excited and a bit edgy at the same time because in a few days we’ll be officially inviting the world to our wedding. But it also makes me feel uneasy when I think about the probable mishaps that could happen during the printing process – like what if the invites don’t come out exactly like how the fiancé designed? Hay, right now I can only cross my fingers, hoping the invites will turn out perfect!

Total cost: Php 6,125 / 150 sets (Php 41 each)
- 5x7 invitation, set of 4 pages
- combination of embossed and computerized texts
- includes ribbon belt and monogram enclosure

J-CeF Printing Press and General Merchandise
1841 CM Recto, Manila

Update: October 13 '12

We picked up the invitations this afternoon and were pretty satisfied with the result. I can't 100% rave about the outcome though, because there were some details that weren't achieved. The fiance was particular about his design so he noticed color discrepancies between the soft copy and the printout, which I luckily didn't notice. Or maybe we just set our expectations high that's why we were being so OC about it. Anyway, I think we'll just let it go. After all, I doubt if our guests would even know that there's a tiny bit of  mishap with our invites.:)

Supplier rating: I'd still give J-Cef an 8 out of 10 for 1) being able to produce exactly what we have in mind; 2) their very affordable rate; 3) their timely delivery.

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