Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shabby Chic Wedding Favors: Pure Honey Bottles

We’ve finally found our source for our wedding favors! After scouring a couple of organic stores to find the best supplier of honey favors for our rustic-vintage-themed wedding, we ended up sealing the deal with someone from none other than Sulit. LOL.

Since the supplier is online, I asked if he could send me photos prior to delivery so I won’t get caught off guard in case I didn’t like it. But, boy was I pleased with what I saw!  I’m so excited about our favors that I’m currently fighting the urge to post all the behind-the-scene photos that the supplier sent me—I sure don’t want to spoil my own wedding by blogging about my guest favors.

So here’s a sneak peek:
This cute apothecary bottle battalion will be filled with pure honey and sealed with corks. Imagine how shabby chic they're going to look like! Can't wait!

I have to give the supplier some credit because I particularly requested for 100ml jars and he obliged even though the tiniest they sell are 250ml.  In addition to going through the hassle of sourcing out 100ml bottles, he had to go through the troubles of personally filling these bottles with pure honey! And the best part, he only quoted us Php55 a piece! Grabe lang. The bottles were supposed to come with labels designed by the seller to suit the occasion’s theme, but we opted to do the tags on our own. Besides, that would mean more work for him for such a measly price. Nakakahiya naman. :D

We definitely need to give him some form of gratuity just for sparing us from the tedious task of manual honey labor. :))

Price: Php 6,600 for 120 pieces of 130ml bottles 
          Php 200 delivery charge

TOTAL: Php 6,800

Side note: I originally ordered 130 pcs, but Eric said 8 bottles were damaged so he just charged for 120 bottles and gave the extra 2 for free. Delivery took about 10 days.

Contact person:
Ericson Montilla

PS. In case you plan on contacting him, you can tell him you got his number from Geli, because I think I'm his first client to order 130ml bottles. I just hope he doesn't increase his price after realizing how stressful this custom order is. LOL.

Edit 10/10/12
During the delivery of the bottles, the fiance had a little chitchat with Eric and was told that they're going to increase the price to Php65. I think the increase is still pretty reasonable considering  the labor to customize the order was really tedious---I mean he had to find the source for the bottles, manually do the repackaging, design the label (which we didn't include), and personally deliver the orders to us. Besides, we were Eric's trial-and-error customers. At least the next clients can expect a more smooth-sailing service. :)

And oh, the honey tastes super good too! Very far from the plastic-tasting honey sold in supermarkets. 


  1. Ack! Awesome choice guys! I'm so excited because I LOVE honey, yay! ;D