Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finalize the Flowers: CHECK!

Finally met my florist this afternoon, yey! It’s really different when you get to meet your suppliers in person and not just see them doing their thing during your big day. I only got my florist online after seeing his multiply site and after a few inquiries, my future MIL booked him for us. I sent him some photos of my inspirations, but since we haven’t talked in person, I was clueless on what my flowers would be like exactly. It was such a relief to finally get to discuss all the details with him in person.

My inspiration board:

Nothing fancy here--just a laid back yellow-and-white flower affair.

I was kind of hesitant about his service at first because the photos of his works found in his site don’t really justify the beauty of the flowers, but after meeting him, I can tell that he’s really professional and experienced. He didn’t try to endorse things that I don’t really need or made me consider a more extravagant and expensive arrangement, which I liked. And he’s done a number of wedding stints at Chapel on the Hill so that’s reason enough to say I made a good choice. What’s more, he’s based in Cavite, so I didn’t have to deal with additional out-of-town charges.

Few more things and we’re ready to meet with our coordinator for the turnover. *jitters*

Floral package cost: Php 17,500
  • (14) Hanging pomanders for the aisle
  • (2) Candle holder arrangement
  • (2) Altar table arrangement 
  • (2) Offertory flowers
  • Red carpet
  • loose rose petals
  • (1)    Bride’s Bouquet
  • (2) posies for the mothers
  • (1) mini hand held bouquet for the maid of
  • honor
  • (5) Mini handheld bouquet for principal
  • sponsor (ninang)
  •  (20) sets centerpiece (3 glass vases each set)
  • Flowers to be used: Sunflower, gerbera, baby’s breath
  • Hanging beads for ceiling drapes
  • Transfer of flowers
  • (1) Bridal Car arrangement
  • (3) tin can for flower girls

Note that the package doesn’t include the bridesmaids’bouquet, the groomsmen’s and ninongs’ boutonnieres, and the secondary sponsors’ wrist corsage because I opted to DIY them to cut down on costs. 

Contact person: Joel G. Faller
09065851488 / 09208247695

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