Saturday, September 15, 2012

D.I.Y: Fabric Wrist Corsage

This is the easiest project I've ever done---so easy that even a 5-year old can do this.

Presenting the fabric wrist corsage for the secondary sponsors:

the overly tedious process:

step 1: Buy some laces and ready-made fabric flowers that will go with your motif.
step 2: Pin the flower onto the lace.

Some brides make the fabric flower from scratch which would've been cooler if only I have the skills to do it. But since I don't,  a ready-made one worked just fine.

 I was able to find a really nice flower with a brooch pin so I just pinned them together like so:

You may opt to sew them together or use a glue gun but this one's a lot easier to adjust in case the flower needs some repositioning.

Voila! I'm still so happy about how pretty the flower is.
The corsage looks super huge but that's exactly how I wanted it. I think it's cute and it doesn't feel like I was wearing a wristwatch.

Project cost: Php 225

  • Lace: Php75 for 3 yards
  • Flower brooch: Php150 for 3 pieces


  1. Huwaw ang ganda! I love that you chose an over-sized flower! Vuma-vatel? Heehee.

    1. hahaha oo. humanda ang vatel sakin. CHOR. :))