Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wedding Budget Recap: 3 Months To Go

Our motto.
It’s 3 months to go before the big day and it’s time for some spending review. :))

When I created this blog, I mentioned here that we’re looking at a Php 200k-wedding, catering not included.

But guess what, after checking our expenses file in excel, a brief WTF moment transpired upon realizing that we’ve already exceeded our initial budget and now have a total of Php 240k something in damages (down payments made + all remaining balance). And mind you, we’re still not done. We still have a few things to take care of, and there are some stuff that might incur unforeseen expenses like extra hours in the venue, overstaying in the hotel, additional flower setup, etc.  So good luck with that. HAHAHA.

No wonder why my soon-to-be-married friend told me their initial budget of Php 300k has been predicted to balloon into half a million. Oh God.:S Right now I’m hoping we wouldn’t hit the Php300k mark, because that would be too much for a semi-formal affair.

I’m assuming it’s the price of quality that couples need to pay for these days. I mean, I'd prefer having an intimate affair of 20 people and not spend hundreds of thousands over trying to make Php100k work to pull off a decent celebration, only to end up with the cheapest but most unreliable and unprofessional suppliers out there.

We’ve tried our best to find high quality suppliers that can provide us with the most reasonably-priced services and that’s probably the farthest we can go. At the end of the day, we'd still wanna make sure we're not settling for anything less.

So would I say we’re in the stage of regretting having ever planned this costly affair? Of course not! This is actually the best expense we have--or my fiancĂ© has--ever spent on. What’s important is that everything still falls under what we can afford to have, without jeopardizing our future financial status. :))

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