Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wedding Accessories: Custom-made Bridal Shoes

Being a girl with big, ugly, manly feet, finding the best pair of shoes is one of my worst nightmares. To me, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. I have a good sense of style (yes, I’m speaking for myself) and can spot the most expensive-looking shoes 50 meters away but once I try it on, my feet just won’t cooperate. Not sure if those shoes are too pretty for my feet or my feet are just too damn ugly regardless of what I’m wearing. To make things worse, I also have a feet condition called plantar fasciitis, so strolling around the mall for more than 3 hours is not my thing. I would need some fugly orthotic shoes if I want to walk normally, but since I prefer style over comfort, all my shoes are okay-looking but painful.

Because of that, I knew it was going to be hard for me to find the perfect bridal shoes. It’s hard enough to find a chic yellow pair (I’m planning to wear yellow) and it’s even made harder by the fact that I need to find shoes with good cushioning, good arch support, pointed but with wide toe box, would flatter my feet, and would match my wedding dress.

So after a few searches on, some inquiries here and there, I finally found my shoemaker --- it’s NX Couture. Good thing I stumbled upon them online. What I liked about them was that given the quality of shoes that they’ve been producing, they still don’t overprice. They have a shop in Marikina and that's where they make the shoes, so I didn't have any trust issues about the outcome. :))

 I was initially quoted Php 2,000 for my design (cloth provided by me), but was charged Php 2,500 after taking my measurement. But I still find their price competitive, considering I would probably be spending at least Php3,000 in other shoe stores. But with NX Couture, I’m going to have my own custom shoes to suit my feet’s needs.

Another great thing about having personalized shoes is that you can search for designs of high-fashion shoe designers and have them reproduced at a much cheaper price. In my case, I opted for a  pair of lovely wedges from Aruna Seth. I can't wait for my fitting!

If you’re still on the lookout for that perfect match, this shop is probably where you should be:

NX Couture
22 Brooklyn St., Immaculate Concepcion, Cubao, Quezon City

Contact person: 
ZenOperations Manager

Office hours - Mon-Sat, 10am - 5pm
Call/text/email them for appointment.

Note: Unfortunately, they don't make shoes for the groom.



Ms. Zen texted me yesterday telling me I can go to their shop for my fitting. Unfortunately though, she had to cancel the appointment this morning because she said the shoes didn't go exactly like the inspiration. She said she had to return the pair to the manufacturer and have them revise it until it looks perfectly similar to what I was going for. It's going to take 2 more weeks. Howell. But at least I know the shoes are being QA'd before  I get to see them.



I finally got the shoes a few weeks ago and this is what they look like:

Anyone interested to buy these? LOL

Unfortunately, I decided not to use it to the ceremony (still not sure if I'll wear it for the reception). It's pretty alright, but that's exactly the reason why I changed my mind--it's too pretty that it can stand on its own, even when I tried it on with the dress. The shoes just don't complement the whole look, which is sad in a way, and a bit of a waste. The dress was beautiful, the shoes were beautiful, but when I tried them on, something just felt wrong. So I had to buy a nice pair from the department store. If it's any consolation, I got them for Php700.

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