Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wedding Favor Part 2: AdvoCafe

Second time we went looking for nice, cheap wedding favors but still to no avail.

How it looks inside
AdvoCafe offers a wide range of products that have been manufactured locally (by the indigenous peoples to be exact) but the prices just didn't meet our budget. =( We agreed on spending Php75 per favor for 150 guests but their products are priced at Php100 onwards. We would've wanted to source our favors from them since we highly support causes that help improve the lives of the Indigenous, but unfortunately, when I asked the person manning the cafe if they sell customized products, she said 'no'. Howell.

Anyway, here are some of their products that we thought of buying:

Calamansi concentrate -  Php 150 /500 ml bottle

Hibiscus nectar concentrate - Php 150 /500 ml bottle
Guava jelly - Php100 / 200ml bottle ; Pure honey - Php175 / 350ml bottle

Rice coffee and Sambong tea - Php100/pack
Pinaig na mais - don't know how much
Cordillera coffee - Php 250/bag
These products are mainly from Tugdaan. Other products offered by their indigenous partners include pineapple jam, herbal jelly, ginger tea, coco jam, virgin coconut oil, massage oil, laundry soaps, rattan baskets, beaded accessories, etc. Some are actually a lot pricier than those sold in the malls, but to think that 100% of the net income of the store goes to help the Mangyans and send indigenous children to school, I don't think it's that pricey at all.

I tried to contact Tugdaan but didn't get a reply. I'm hoping they could give customized products or special discounts for bulk orders.


Ground Floor, Ramon Magsaysay Commercial Complex
Dr. F. Quintos Street
Malate, Metro Manila
Telephone: +632 708-2366

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