Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bridal Beauty Routine: Co2 Fractional Laser

Just because I'm a scrimping bride, it doesn't mean I would let my looks fall short. And like any bride-to-be, I need to have my own beauty regimen to look nothing but gorgeous on my wedding day.LOL So yesterday I went to D' Spa and Skin Clinic Center for my fractional laser session.

But first, how can a broke bride like me avail a fifteen-thousand-peso treatment without threatening my future financial standing? Simple: Check out group-buying sites. The deals here should be taken advantage of, especially by brides who have several months to a year to prepare. 

I bought one session of Co2 Fractional Laser for Php1,999 instead of Php15,000 (that's what the voucher says) and set an appointment with the clinic yesterday. 

The procedure:

1) They cleaned my face, applied a topical numbing cream and waited for 45 minutes.

This numbing cream should've been left on my face for 3 hours!

2) The doctor proceeded to lasering, which hurt really bad it felt like my face was being skinned alive. Not sure if I'm being OA but it really hurt. I don't meant to scare people off, but to me it's more than just a simple burning sensation. What more if I didn't have the numbing cream on? It only lasted a few minutes, which was a relief because I couldn't take the pain anymore.

3) They applied a cold mask which costed an additional Php200, and let it sit for 10 minutes on my face (yep, Php200 gone in 10 minutes).
pink cold mask (pardon this ugly shot)

4) I bought their recommended sunscreen (Php600) and moisturizer (Php1,000) for aftercare. 

moisturizer, sunblock, zinc oxide cream

Review about the treatment:
- My face is currently red and swollen, but I could tell that some pores have already reduced. I personally don't like the downtime, but 5-7 days is better than other procedures that would need several weeks to heal.

- There are spots that weren't lasered but I'm not sure if the doctor deliberately skipped it or she just missed it. :S

- The facial cream that was given to me was really effective in relieving the tingling feeling

- I wish the doctor was clearer on how I should take care of my face once I get out of the clinic. She didn't give me any form of aftercare routine. I wasn't even able to know how I was supposed to wash my face when I get home.

Anyway, I'll wait for a few days and see if anything happens. I'm expecting some peeling to even out my face and lighten some pimple marks, and maybe some reduction in my pore size. But since this is only 1 time, I won't get my hopes too high. Let's see. 

Research first before availing the treatment. Expect the clinic staff (and even the doctor) to talk their way to for you to make unnecessary purchases (injectable glutathione, 10 sessions of diamond peel, etc.). In my case, they tried to convince me to buy at least 3 more sessions because as they said, 'the effects would be more visible after 4-6' sessions. I just refused because I've read somewhere that 1 session would be enough to see a difference, and the required number of sessions would depend on the condition of the skin. I have some pimple scarring and large pores, but it's not like I sleep on a bed of durian or something. Besides, I don't have the money to buy additional sessions right then and there so I should keep expenses at a minimum as much as possible.

Total cost: voucher + aftercare products = Php 3,799

D' Skin Center and Spa
Main Branch: 
48 ShortHorn Street,Brgy Toro,Proj 8.QC 
Tel: 02 4530739
Mobile: 09182780495

Update: Sept 4, 2012
Today is the 3rd day since I had the session. My right cheek has peeled already though there are still some areas that are drying up.

My routine this morning: I washed my face with a regular soap, applied the recommended moisturizer, waited a few minutes, applied the sunblock, then the primer, then the liquid foundation to conceal the red patches. My face is dry and flaking, but looks acceptable. I'm happy that it didn't go as brown as I imagined it to be. The pores have tightened a bit, but the red acne marks are still visible. They lightened a bit though, and turned smaller (I think). I'll see what happens after the peeling is complete.

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  1. Niiice! This makes me go "Oh nooo I haven't been getting any treatments for my skin!". Haha. I have been refining my daily skincare routine however, and it's still a work in progress.