Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY: Rustic Table Numbers

What good is a reception without a nice, theme-inspired centerpiece? That's why I'm bringing another wedding element made with love---table numbers! Making these is definitely one of the easiest among all the DIY projects we’ve done so far. These vintage-looking framed table markers only took a trip to the surplus shop, a spree in the bookstore for some craft supplies, and a visit to the hardware store. I let the fiancĂ© take charge in this one though, because he was accusing me of not knowing how to use the spray paint. Whatevs.

Anyway, we used wooden frames (NOT plastic frames that look like wood) that we bought from MSM American Surplus, some specialty paper and double-sided tape from National Bookstore, and plastic numbers painted in copper paint, both sourced from Handyman.

Here they go:

Love the distressed texture of the frames. You won't get that with plastic ones.
Easy, right?
Estimated project cost: Php160/number


  • Wooden frames: Php50/pc
  • Numbers: Php88/pc
  • Spray paint: around Php200
  • Paper + tape: around Php60

We still haven't finalized the total number of guests so we might add more numbers depending on how many tables will be set up. 

Obviously, this project’s a little pricey, but that's because we wanted to stay away from the regular printable templates that can be easily downloaded online (though it was actually our first option). Printed numbers look flat and boring when framed, so we opted to put some texture. As you can see, the numbers look 3D. LOL. Despite the price, the outcome looked exactly how we wanted it! Good job, fiance!

For those who don’t want to spend anything else besides printer ink and paper, you may check out sites like Hello Lucky and Wedding Chicks, to download available templates and print away!

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