Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wedding Dress in Progress

I had my first fitting yesterday and so far, I'm impressed with the output. I thought I was gonna get teary-eyed once I slip the dress on, but it wasn't finished yet so I couldn't really savor the moment. HAHA. 

Look, there's my dress!
Loved the smell of the fabric when I opened the bag!

He' hasn't had a good sleep that's why he looks like that. Also, there was a division curtain so he didn't see me wearing the dress. :p
 The dress was pretty much just the lining and the length wasn't final yet, but I can already tell that the fit will be perfect (assuming I don't gain weight for the next 1 and a half months)! Not sure though if they intentionally reduced my size because I lost a few pounds since they got my measurements and the dress still fitted like glove. Ate Vicky, the seamstress, was suggesting to loosen it up because she probably wanted to give me space to breathe, but Ms. Marianne, the designer, didn't want to make any more adjustments, even telling Ate Vicky na kaya ko pa raw magpapayat (pressure? LOL).  But yeah, even I don\t want them to resize it either because I'm still trying to lose some more weight. hehe.

I want to post the dress inspiration but I also want things to be a surprise and so I won't jinx the final outcome so I'm controlling myself right now. GAH. 

some made-to-order and ready-to-wear dresses
more dresses
Second fitting will be on Dec. 5, afterwhich, they're going to put the rest of the lace details. I'm probably getting the whole dress by the second week of December. Can't wait!:)

Special thanks to my fiance's supportive parents for going there with us to see me fit the dress. It's nice to have people around to help me with in this situation.:)

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  1. Aw that was so bitin haha. Cannot wait to see you in your dress!