Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dressing Up the Groom

Because there's no pamahiin against the bride seeing the groom in his suit before the wedding, I helped the fiance shop for his attire. The fun part was I got to be his personal stylist. Hehe. We usually just mind our own business when it comes to dressing up, so me helping him choose what he's going to wear for our wedding was a huge deal. I was pretty much hands-on with everything--from the fabric of his custom suit, to his shoes, down to his necktie--so I was kinilig when I saw him try out the whole ensemble inside the fitting room (ang arte ko lang?). 

Luckily, after scouring department stores and men's boutiques, we were finally able to complete his whole look. But again, as much as I want to post his dress rehearsal, I need to keep his look a secret until our wedding. Hehe.

In the meantime, here's to give you an idea of the pieces that I chose for him:

image credit: Bing.com (because Google sucks sometimes)
The shopping has been quite a confusing process because he kept on changing his mind about which piece will go well with which (side story: he bought a pair of blue suede desert boots which unfortunately didn't match his tailor-made suit, so he bought a new pair of khaki pants which he thought would go well with the shoes but didn't, which is why he's about to buy another pair of shoes that would go well with his new pants) until all the little expenses piled up to one big dent in his wallet. If I'm going to sum up all his wardrobe expense, it would more or less cost about Php 15,000. LOL. Poor him, that's the price he needs to pay just to look stunning. Hahaha. Howell, at least it's worth it.

One and a half months to go!!!

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