Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Do-It-Ourselves Post-Singlehood / Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot. :D

Disclaimer: If you're expecting a photo set full of gigglings and balloons and cotton candies, you may be disappointed. Also, this is just a preview.

Even before we hired a photographer, the fiance and I are pretty much decided that we didn't want to have a pre-nup photo shoot done by a pro. Besides wanting to lessen our wedding expenses, we were too shy to act like a cute, happy couple in front of a stranger, so we opted on doing the photos on our own. 

We don't want to call this pre-nuptial photos, because the term is too cheesy for our personality; we want to refer to this as the last set of decent photos of us as boyfriend and girlfriend. Kinda like a post-singlehood photoshoot? LOL. :))

So with the help of a tripod, we served as each other's photographers. We explored every corner of the  fiance's grandma's basement (yes, even the restroom) in the hopes of getting a good shot.  Luckily, we were able to come up with photos that are really personal, true to ourselves, and best of all, FREE. 

Now who says you can't DIY a pre-wedding photo shoot? :)

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