Saturday, November 10, 2012

Canonical Interview: DONE!

The fiance and I drove to Batangas early this morning to have our canonical interview and get my parish permit and our wedding banns. Since our ceremony will be at Chapel on the Hill, we had to do the all the paper works for COH's parish, Our Lady of All Nations, located at the View Deck of Canyon Woods.

Answer sheet used for the interview
I thought we'll only be spending 30 minutes at the office of the Parish so I looked forward to going ukay-shopping, but unfortunately, we had to wait for more than 2 hours (we got there 11:30am, got interviewed around 2pm) because Fr. Milo Malabuyoc went out to hold a mass somewhere. Worst part, it was lunch time and there wasn't any  food store nearby. The fiance almost died. LOL.

What to bring:

Original Copy:
- Baptismal Certificate (for marriage purposes)
-Confirmation Certificate (for marriage purposes)
-Certificate of Attendance 2 day Pre-CANA Seminar

- Certificate of No Marriage
- Birth Certificate

- list of names of principal sponsors
- name, license number, expiration date of license of officiating priest

Finally another major to-do is done! We'll head to our respective parishes tomorrow for the submission of our wedding banns. Few more weeks on the wedding clock!

Few tips:
- Bring some snacks or make sure you've eaten before you go there in case it's a bad timing.
- Proofread all the papers. Your marriage certificate / contract details will be based on the documents you submit. It's best to check errors now than to deal with NSO  in the future for corrections.

Total ATM damage: Php 9,150

- Php 5,000 Parish fee (this is what Chapel on the Hill required us to pay, not sure about the other churches)
- Php 2,150 Marriage certificate processing fee (whatta surprise expense!)
- Php 2,000 (we already paid our balance with COH because it's due on the 5th of Dec. anyway. We didn't want to go back there again soon just to settle that)


  1. Pssst is the 5000 part of the 20/25k overall church fee? Or is it on top of?

  2. hmm the church fee is 12k, additional 5k for the parish, so basically 17k to get married in Chapel on the Hill.

  3. shock din ako sa marriage certificate processing fee! grabe

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. i knowwww.. kala namin mga Php lang. LOL. same fee din ba yung sa inyo?:)