Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just Married.

I can't exactly tell how our wedding went because our perspective is obviously different from that of our guests, but even after a week, we're still hearing people say how beautiful of an event it has been. 

Being a hands-on bride is one thing; being a bridezilla is another. And I'm thankful that I wasn't the latter. The event wasn't 100% perfect technically speaking, but we didn't let those nonsense keep us from enjoying the day. We just let things be.

Here are some photos that I grabbed from my friends' uploads. Pardon the inconsistencies in colors and stuff, people have their own takes on creativity.:)

It was a clear, beautiful, and breezy morning in Batangas. Our guests loved this view from the chapel.
Loved the sun's rays shining down on us as we exchange vows.
Blessing of the rings (the rings that had to be repaired a few times days before the big day)

My lovely bridesmaids. One bridesmaid wasn't able to attend because she can't leave Malaysia, but I didn't let it stress me out.:)
Our mix-matched groomsmen and groom's friends
Isabella, Breanna and Tala as flower girls. Tala didn't do her walk because she got too shy. LOL
Look at my face.
Bridesmaids + Groomsmen

Dwight, my work mate *slash* bridal chauffeur. :)
Reception area. Le husband owns the desk, the suitcases are from his lolo. real vintage stuff. :)
Table set-up
Centerpiece. The flowers were too fresh that bees eventually gatecrashed the party. 
Stage set-up. Sofa provided by our ninong, we got the carpet from our house. LOL
Cake up-close. 3-tier all edible. No styro. :) By CakeAbles

Our photobooth. Sofa from grooms lola.:D
The guests rushed to the buffet even before we arrived at the reception but Norly was so good that he was able to make them stay to finish the rest of the afternoon.
Family pic :)

We haven't eaten anything. :/

Family pic 2

I can move freely with my tea-length dress 

with my new brother-in-law. hehe

Me and the husband. :D

honey favors for the guests, bridesmaids kit for my girls

It was the most perfect event I've ever attended and I'm so happy that it was our wedding day. And if I'm to do it again,  definitely wouldn't change a thing.:)


  1. Hi, ScrimpyBride! Congratulations and best wishes. :) Good job on your diys.
    P.S. I'd like to know the height of your wedding cake. Thanks! :)

    1. Hi mhelodic! thank you.:)
      I'm not good with numbers, but this is the size that the supplier gave me excluding the wood base:

      bottom - 10x3
      mid- 8x4