Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Little Something for His Boys and My Girls

Finally done preparing our entourage's gifts *slash* wedding survival kits. The fiance and I made sure that we include a little token of appreciation for our sponsors in our to-do list because they deserve it.

Making 8 pairs of gifts is exhausting!
A very cute accessory to cover the essentials.
Men's basics.
My sister and I literally walked to a faraway rice field to get that rice plant accent. LOL.

What we included in the package:

For the ladies:
- hair pins
- safety pins
- sanitary napkin (just in case)
- pocket tissue
- band aids
- razor (they'll never know when they can use one)
- meds (loperamide and paracetamol)
- needle and thread (these duo will just save any day)
- vintage-y detachable collar

For the gents:
- A dose of alcohol (in case they're too shy to give a speech)
- fatherly comb
- old school razor
- cigar (for that manly kick)
- mint gum (to save them from the consequences of cigar breath)

Despite having to go through a number of malls and tiagges to complete the to-include list, I really enjoyed this part of the wedding prep. We're so excited to give this to our groomsmen and bridesmaids. These are gonna help them survive our big day. I just hope they don't see this spoiler blog post.:))


  1. This is fun! :)


  2. Can I please ask where you got the gift containers?

    1. the wooden boxes were from Japan Home while the vintage ones were from EGG