Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meeting with the Event Designer: Light & Space Contemporary

One major thing that we’re most bothered about in this whole planning process is getting the right person  to do the reception styling. We have lots of ideas in our heads about how the wedding party theme will go, problem is we don’t know how we’re going to execute them. So it’s such a big relief that one of our ninongs owns Light & Space Contemporary – an artist-run gallery that houses artworks by young and upcoming local and foreign artists. They’re also engaged in doing set designs for big-time entertainment productions (Light & Space Concepts). How lucky can we get? :)
7-storey art gallery

Jason's artwork welcoming guests to their office/gallery

Reception area designed by the ninong
We met with Jason, our ninong’s son and a good friend of the fiancĂ© to discuss the theme that we have in mind. The fiancĂ© sent him our pegs prior to our meeting so by the time we met, Jason already understood what we’re going for.

Jason and the fiance discussing the details

blurry pic of the boys thinking


more ideas...
We initially didn’t know where to get all the props for our rustic-vintage-inspired party, so when Jason toured us around their office and showed us all their personal stuff—the antique cabinets, sofas, lamps, etc that his dad impulsively bought from antique auctions—that we could use as props, we’re sold. But wait, it's not even the best part yet---we’re going to meet again to visit their warehouse and check out more stuff from their past set designing projects that we could for the party!

I can’t wait! 

Light & Space Contemporary
53 Fairlane St. West Fairview

Quezon City

Phone: +632 4305202
Mon - Sat 10am to 9pm, Sun by appointment


  1. Hi sis! How much did they quote you? I want to have shabby chic meets alice in wonderland wedding. And you mentioned that they have rustic furniture. Please PM me!!!