Sunday, July 15, 2012

DIY: Unity Candle

Project cost: Php300

I'm not sure if it's funny that we already have our unity candle considering our wedding is still 5 months out but anyway, I guess this is better than cramming, right?

I thought it's nice to have something personalized for the wedding ceremony so I searched for custom-made unity candles online. When I saw the prices range from Php1,000 to as much as Php3,000, I thought I'm gonna have to let it go--until I realized that I could do it myself. :)

I bought the candles from St. Pauls for Php300 something, wrapped the big one in burlap and the small ones in jute strings, added some buttons, and voila:

Not sure if they look nice enough but at least they didn't cost me 1,000. :))
I just hope they can last until our wedding without melting or something *crosses fingers*.

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