Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Day When I Realized Why Wedding Gowns Cost A Fortune

I don’t quite get why wedding gowns would cost so much when a similar beaded Cinderella gown would not cost a fortune if it’s in a different color.

 I’m not a hundred percent sure if I should be blogging about this story but I think it’s still worth sharing. There’s this one up and coming designer who makes wedding gowns for Php 20-40k. I went to her one time and brought my dress peg to show her. I just wanted to see how much she’s going to quote me. One major detail though: I posed as a maid of honor. So technically, I was inquiring for a maid of honor dress.

I had to see how much the dress would cost IF I’m not the bride. She drew something that looked like an ankle-length Kate Middleton dress and quoted me Php5k for the labor (fabric would come from me). It didn’t want beadworks, so it was a real simple dress with some lace details. Though I had to compose myself every time she would wonder why I’m having something in ecru/ivory, it’s still worth snooping around. Because of that I learned how much I should be willing to spend for my wedding dress – that Php20k would be too much.

I almost booked her right there and then because I got excited about how cheap I’m going to get my dress made. But I realized that the designer was more concerned about me not getting in the way of the “real bride”. She wanted to make sure that I won’t steal the limelight. In short, I came there as a maid of honor, and left her shop feeling like a real one. I didn’t feel like a bride. And it’s a feeling that I’ll never be able to experience and forever regret if I push through with it.

I know there are a lot of factors that contribute to the high price of wedding gowns--- there’s the materials, the workmanship, the “uniqueness” of the design, and whatnot. I never knew how to justify why wedding dresses are so expensive until I realized that it’s not just the dress that I’m paying for---I’m also paying for all the pressures of those once-in-a-lifetime thingamajigs that designers have to deal with, and for the emotions that I should feel once I try the dress on.

I called off the project with the designer and, luckily, I found a good one who quoted me Php 5k for the labor. This time though, the designer knows that I’m the bride, and I trust that she’ll make me feel and look really pretty on my wedding day.

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